About me

Dominik Bolsinger – Photographer & Filmmaker

Photography has always been a big part of my life. Since my father gifted me my first camera I’ve been obsessed with it and over the years I figured that I wanted it to be my career. I love to capture the pure moments of untouched landscapes as much as shooting lifestyle campaigns and product images. The world of photography is wide and that’s what I’ve specialized for. I am always down for new challenging projects that I’ve never done before. Whether it’s in a risky location, a different niche of photography or in difficult shooting conditions, I’ll put all my effort into making this the best project for my client.

Filmmaking is my second skill, which I’ve developed over the years of taking photos. I’ve always wanted to tell stories with my images and as I realised that I couldn’t really evolve the storytelling with photography anymore I decided to take it a step further and get into creating film. Nowadays I combine these two skills a lot in my shootings since clients often ask for an additional video besides the photos or vice versa.